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Kelowna Employment Lawyer

Timely legal advice to help protect what you have earned.

Wrongful Dismissal, Termination, and Layoff Claims.

What to do if you have been fired or laid off:

Pressure tactics – such as tight timelines – are used by employers to secure a release in exchange for what is often a small fraction of your severance entitlement.

Do not sign away in a moment a severance entitlement that reflects years of hard work! Have your matter reviewed by an experienced employment lawyer.

  • Layoffs 
  • Unpaid Overtime
  •  Changing Work Hours
  • Termination & Dismissal
  •  Maternity Leave & Parental Leave
  • Work Location & Return to Office 
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Wage Reduction & Demotion

Speak with our Kelowna employment lawyer if you are dealing with any of these common BC employment law issues.

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Legal Services for BC Employeesseverance pay review, wrongful termination & unjust dismissal claims, workplace discrimination claims, employment agreement review & negotiations, employment contract drafting, and summary advice on layoff, vacation pay, maternity and parental leave, workplace disability, bullying & harassment, workplace discrimination, workplace human rights, and other common employment law issues.

Timely, Professional Legal Advice.

Bay View Law was built with affordability in mind. It is essential that employees have access to affordable employment law services from a qualified employment lawyer. Inflexible arrangements and high fees are particularly daunting when faced with the prospect of unemployment. 

We understand that dismissed employees are not looking for a premium board room or business lunches; employees need timely, reliable advice at a fair price point. We focus on what counts, eliminate costly excesses, and provide our clients with fair, transparent pricing.